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The Damilola Taylor Trust wanted to develop the employability skills and confidence of young people in London aged 17-25.

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What was the ask?

The Damilola Taylor Trust wanted to develop the skills and confidence of young people in London aged 17 - 25 to search and apply for new opportunities and improve their knowledge of what employers are looking for in successful applicants. HUDL designed and delivered the Careers Search and Skills Development (CSSD) programme, an employability training and coaching programme to support the young people through experiential learning, fun and engaging activities and continuous support.

Why was it innovative?

The CSSD programme offered young people to participate in a 6-month journey built on self-reflection and training.

Training events and activities included an intense training residential, CV clinic and monthly development sessions at prestigious locations such as Shell in Canary Wharf and Norton Rose Fulbright in London Bridge.

Participants benefited from bi-weekly group coaching, allowing young people to overcome challenges and barriers through self-reflection, open questions and positive affirmations.

Participants accessed and applied for internships and work experience organised through partner organisations.

We gave young people the space to connect and learn from professionals from different backgrounds and sectors.

We recruited and trained young people to facilitate Action Learning Sets to the cohort of young people.

How was it successful?

Over 80 young people applied to the CSSD programme.

100% of participants were confident about the support and benefit of CSSD.

83% have a better understanding of what employers want and how they can use that knowledge to better their chances at securing work opportunities.

100% can identify and record their skills and competencies - a key skill when writing statements and applying for opportunities.

100% would recommend the CSSD programme to others.

Participants applied and were successful in securing internships at a financial firm and work experience at CGL Rail.


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