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Expert advice to review, develop and provide innovative solutions to your programmes and activities for young people.

Our delivery is primarily through experiential learning; practical, hands-on and (above all) fun!

We can help to:

  • challenge and transform your thinking in involving young people in your work and programme design.

  • provide insight and advice in building and implementing a framework that's right for your organisation.

  • prepare your workforce to better engage with young people.

  • deliver 'off the shelf 'and bespoke training for staff and young people.

  • provide evaluation and analysis of the learning impact.



We design programmes in collaboration with young people and staff that meet the needs of our clients and young people.

​We can help to:

  • develop programmes that challenge and encourage growth and leadership in young people and staff.

  • bring informed and practical solutions to develop programmes that meet the needs of young people and organisations.

  • bring together and implement a wealth of good practice and knowledge from different sectors


Our peer recruiters are trained, creative and motivated. They come from diverse backgrounds, experiences and bring with them a wealth of local knowledge and networks.

​We can help to:

  • develop and implement a recruitment model that taps into young people's networks.

  • actively engage schools, colleges, universities and voluntary sector organisations to provide recruitment opportunities.

  • offer innovative and supportive assessment approaches and assessors.



We provide bespoke mentoring and leadership training for businesses that want to implement a workplace mentoring scheme. Our mentoring programmes offer a chance to connect and support your team to young people from BAME and low socio-economic backgrounds.

We offer 

  • Mentee recruitment and matching

  • Mentor training 

  • Programme support 

  • Access to diverse talent



We manage and coordinate meetings, workshops and advisory groups.  Our approach is bespoke, innovative, challenging and creative. Our team of experienced facilitators can hold the space for your teams for teambuilding,  challenging conversations,  new ideas and decision making. 

Our offer: 

  • Recruitment and marketing of opportunities 

  • Design and facilitation of hackathons

  • Set up and facilitation of Action Learning sets

  • Custom event management.









If you are aged 16 - 25 and actively seeking opportunities for personal and professional development 

If you are interested in partnering with HUDL and want to have a chat about something new or existing, we'd love to hear from you

Our programmes are made possible by a talented and growing network of individuals who are passionate about empowering young people

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