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HUDL Youth Development Agency

Est.  2016


We are dedicated to the professional and personal development of young people. 


We are founded on the belief that young people have a wealth of knowledge, lived experiences and connections. With the right opportunities, roles, resources and support, young people can create systemic change. 


Our approach involves young people at all stages, empowering them to innovate and solve some of the most pressing issues of our times.


We partner with foundations, trusts, youth organisations and employers to design, deliver and implement programmes and strategies that involve young people in who, what and how they work and the opportunities they offer. 


We also provide bespoke recruitment, training and consultancy services for our programmes and clients. 


We work as a core team of associates with specialist skills and knowledge of youth engagement and development; grant-making, co-production; programme management, coaching; action learning; events, training and facilitation. 


Our approach enables us to be creative, kind, flexible and dynamic in our delivery. Collectively we have worked across public and private sectors at local, regional and national levels. 


Our multidisciplinary team come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of lived experiences. 


Equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental in what we do and how we work.

We are looking to partner with organisations that are actively seeking to develop and evolve how they involve young people. 


We want organisations to invest,

develop and celebrate young people.




from low socio-economic backgrounds are talented and under represented.



to invest in developing opportunities that are accessible, supportive and challenging.



play an important role in the development of young people and their aspirations.

We love to co-create, infusing our professional and personal strengths with our wide and varied network to make the work we do impactful, innovative and insightful.
We have supported many organisations across sectors, and thousands of young people along the way have benefitted from our programmes.
We're excited to see how we can support you.



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