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The ‘Real Conversations’ pilot programme delivered in partnership with Reform Judaism and Islamic Society for Britain.

What was the ask?

Delivered in partnership with Reform Judaism and Islamic Society for Britain the ‘Real Conversations’ pilot programme was launched in Leeds and the main objectives were to:​

Reform Judaism_700x700.jpg
  • Improve Muslim - Jewish relations in the UK

  • Develop transferable skills to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence to have difficult conversations without resorting to inflammatory language

  • Learn and respect the other perspective with a particular focus on the Israel and Palestine conflict and how it affects Jewish Muslim communities.

HUDL recruited, designed and delivered train the trainer content and workshop activities for ‘Real Conversations’ as well as managed the steering group that helped inform the cultural and religious elements of the training.

Why was it innovative?

We worked in collaboration with faith leaders and school leaders to ensure that content was appropriate and thought provoking.

We delivered the pilot in Leeds and Bradford, identifying an area that had robust Jewish and Muslim communities outside of London.

We collaborated with a trainer who was local to the communities in Leeds and Bradford to ensure that we captured and addressed any local issues.

We partnered young people from Jewish and Muslim faiths to explore the other perspective in a safe space.

HUDL liaised with the National Safeguarding Forum to develop a robust safeguarding framework due to the sensitive nature of the work.

How was it successful?

We recruited 6 young trainers of Jewish and Muslim faith.

We delivered the pilot training in a school that was predominantly Muslim and a youth centre that was predominantly Jewish.

The success of the pilot led to the work being replicated in London and other cities.


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