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7 Quiz rounds for your next team quiz

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Who doesn’t love a good quiz?

We love competition and challenges yet found some of the quizzes online to be a little restrictive for live team quiz nights. Platforms such as Kahoot are fantastic and inject much fun and laughter particularly with the integration of HeadsUp but don't allow enough flexibility for some of the ideas we had. It took us several attempts to get our trivia and quiz nights just how we wanted it, to save you the trouble, we have included our favourite rounds for you to include in your next quiz night.

  1. General Knowledge. You can’t escape the general knowledge round - it’s a must in any quiz and at times the most challenging as you have to pitch the questions to suit your audience. Thankfully there are many sites that have ready-made questions for you to copy from magazines to newspapers to sites such as ready-made quiz.

  2. Memory Challenge. Give people 20 seconds to memorise several pictures. It could be people, food, random items, colour blocks or even a list of letters and challenge them by asking questions based on the pictures.

  3. True/False. A nice quick round of True and False statements can never go wrong and you can give it a little twist by incorporating Two Lies & One Truth. The popular icebreaker of providing two statements about yourself that are lies, and one true and getting people to guess which is the truth works very well in a quiz setting.

  4. Anagram. Nag a ram is an anagram of... anagram! They can be quite tricky so it might help to have a theme. Performs Tug and Thank Third Keg are movie anagrams and re-arranged spell Forrest Gump and The Dark Knight.

  5. Music. Line up your playlist on youtube or Spotify and play the first 5 seconds of a song/tv theme tune. Players have to guess the song, extra points if they can name the performer. Just be aware to pitch the songs that will be familiar to your players.

  6. Movie Challenge. We love this challenge where a picture is posted with lots and lots of movie references. You can get players to list as many movies they can find, or challenge them to find the movies with certain actors etc. It is a versatile activity and you can reuse the same picture again and again. One our favourite ones is below from Popcorn Garage

  7. Tenable. You don’t have to have watched an episode of the popular game show but it’s essentially creating a list of 10 items that people have to guess under a certain time. Some of the tenables we have done include African countries beginning with M and N, tube stations with Park, City or Town in its name. The list is endless but having a specific number of answers makes it more easy to score.

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