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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Skills workshop - Lysis Financial

What was the ask?

Damilola Taylor Trust and Lysis Financial wanted to show young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the different roles that are available in the financial sector, even for those with limited work experience and qualifications and how to access them. HUDL recruited young people from across London and designed workshops focusing on key transferable skills and supported young people through the competitive recruitment process for a three-month internship.

Why was it innovative?

  • Targeted young people with limited to no work experience and provided a career opportunity in the financial sector

  • Partnering with a financial institution with limited access to the youth sector

  • Young people went away with increased knowledge of the different roles and opportunities in the financial sector and how to access them

How was it successful?

  • We have delivered this project two years in a row reaching over 100 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Provided six internships for young people

  • Two participants gained full-time jobs and continue to work for Lysis Financials

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