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Huddle verb -  definition:  to come together to develop strategy, motivate and celebrate.


We started HUDL as directors (and friends!) and we love to learn, collaborate and create.


We came together because we like to Hudl (huddle) and wanted to challenge organisations to do better in 'how' they engage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure a lasting positive impact on the young person and wider community.


We want organisations to recognise the value of offering diverse opportunities and experiences to further develop the talent of young people.


We love to co-create, infusing our professional and personal strengths with our wide and varied network to make the work we do impactful, innovative and insightful.


We have supported many organisations from varied sectors and thousands of young people along the way have benefitted from our programmes.


We're excited to see how we can support you.



Team Hudl


 Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are talented and underrepresented. 

 Organisations should invest in developing opportunitiethat are accessible, supportive and challenging.

Strong networks play an important role in the development of young people and their aspirations.